Mary Jo LeClaire Assessor

304 Rt 17C
Waverly, NY 14892


Phone: 607-565-2171 ext.4
Fax: 607-565-2262

Tues. & Thurs.
9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Catherine Edwards Jan Swartz Assessor’s Clerk

The Assessor is responsible for maintaining the property records for all real property within the Town of Barton. Real Property is defined as the land and all things attached to the land. The job of the Assessor is to ensure that each property in the Town of Barton is equitably assessed so that the owner pays no more than his or her fair share of the tax levy. The Assessor does not establish tax rates. The rates are determined by the budgets of your local Village, Town, and County municipalities.

Grievance Day is the fourth Tuesday of the Month of May.


Town & County Tax Rolls

For information regarding New York State’s new income limit for Basic STAR Exemption go to:

Download any assessment forms you may need from the NYS Office of Real Property Services site


What to do if you disagree with your assessment:

  • The application contained in this pamphlet must be completed in order to request
    an appointment with the Town of Barton Board of Assessment Review. For more information and for the application go to
  • The BAR (Board of Assessment Review) meets on Grievance Day which is the fourth Wednesday of May every year.

For details regarding the Town of Barton’s assessment statistics and browse for current and historical information go to


Exemption Applications

All exemption applications are due by March 1st of every year – Taxable Status Date

Equalization Rate:

2014 NYS Equalization Rate for the Town of Barton: 88%

The Equalization Rate is the ratio of assessed value to market value. To read more about the Equalization Rate use the link below to access the NYS Publication: