304 Route 17C
Waverly, NY 14892
607-565-2261 Ex. 5
Fax: 607-565-2262

Joan Richards- Town Clerk & Tax Collector
Registrar & Notary

Emily Petry- Deputy Clerk, Deputy Registrar

January – Dec
9:00 AM- 4:30 PM Monday- Thursday
9:00 AM – Noon Fridays


Joan Richards
Joan Richards


  • Handicap Parking Tag Application (Only for residents living outside Village in Town of Barton) available at the Clerk’s Office. Application must be presented to the Town or Village in which you reside.
  • Marriage license application available at Clerk’s office. Must be 18 years of age or have both parents consent (forms available). Must have all of these items: a pictured ID, birth certificate and if this applies, any and all divorce papers (actual decrees). Must be in the clerk’s office by 3:45 PM. Both Bride and Groom need to be present. Cost: $40.00 US.
For more information see Registrar.
  • Dog License, see Dog Control.
  • Sporting License For NYS residents’ proof of residency is required for each year the license is purchased. Residency proof: 1) current NYS Driver’s License, 2) Voter registration card, 3) three consecutive months of utility bills (electric, phone, cable) or three months of pay stubs with your home address -not a post office box.
    • Previous year's license in not proof of residency.
    • Hunter Safety courses or a previous big game licenses are required for proof of hunting qualifications.
    • Note: 1) Pennsylvania Bow Hunter licenses are not valid proof of qualifications in NYS.  2) Back Tags are not proof of hunter qualifications.
  • Birth Certificate, if born in the Town of Barton or Village of Waverly, need a pictured ID.